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Powerlink Solar Collector


• Water is rapidly heated by the heat pipe
• There is no water in the vacuum tube, so
the tube will not break in winter
• The small size of the collector allows for
versatile architectonic integration
• Collector can be combines with existing
• The collector can operate even in case
of a broken tube. A single tube can, if
necessary be exchanged without
interruption of the heating cycle.


• Outer tank: aluminum alloy 2.0mm
• Frame if made of aluminum alloy.


• Manifold connection(inch):1/2 3/4
• Test pressure(pa):1MPa
• Operating fluid ppressure(pa):0.6MPa
• Max. service temperature:95
• Max. stagnation temperature:242
• Distance from tube to tube:75
• Flow range recommendation:50-150l/m2h
• Insulation thickness(mm):40
• Min. collector angle(degree): 15
• Max. collector angle(degree):75