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Our outdoor lighting installations include:

 - Installation of High Mast and Solar street lighting at KPA Mombasa

- Supply and Installation of High Mast Floodlights Within Nairobi Metropolitan Region

- Supply and Installation of Street Lights along Various Roads in Nairobi

  • Kasarani- Njiru Road
  • Naivasha Road
  • Aerodrome Road
  • Mai Mahiu Road
  • Mutarakwa Road
  • Kayole Estate
  • Kingara Road
  • Muthaiga Road
  • Kapenguria Road


Hyperteck Electrical Services Ltd. is a registered Electrical Contractor by the Government of Kenya.

Our efficient services are tailored to meet the needs of our clients, and maintain the highest level of technical and professional competence and excellence in installations, repairs and maintenance of:

  • New electrical installations in both industrial and domestic wiring.
  • Standby Power Supplies e.g.
    • Generator Supply, Installations and Maintenance.
    • Uninterruptible power supplies (U.P.S).
    • Inverters/chargers.
  • Power factor correction units.
  • Solar Power systems.
  • Automated controls e.g.
    • In machinery: (Design & Assembly of Control System)
    • Assembly for pumps control panels.
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning.
  • Electrical security systems e.g. electric fences, fire alarm systems, burglar alarm systems etc.
  • Scheduled maintenance in all electrical system and their after installations services.
  • Motor rewinding.
  • Supply of all electrical materials, accessories and hardware items
  • Supply of Batteries and Accessories; Appointed Distributors of Chloride Exide Batteries.

Solar Systems

Hyperteck Electrical Services Ltd. is a full-service solar service provider, with everything you need to power your home, office or institution with clean solar energy. We oversee your entire solar panel installation project and provide a single point of contact and accountability throughout the life of your system. Our experienced engineers and installers are at hand to provide high quality solar power systems.

Some of our projects include:

Supply and installation of Solar Lighting Systems in Schools in Turkana County

The schools are:

  • Namukuse
  • Nasiger
  • Nakukulas
  • Lokichieda
  • Nataparakakono
  • Kalomegur
  • Moruese
  • Lopeduru
  • Nemayana
  • Lokoyo
  • Nakwapiret
  • Nakurio
  • Louwae
  • Kangagetit
  • Lochor Aikeny
  • Loyoro
  • Lochor emeyan
  • Lokwatubwa
  • Lochor ekuyen
  • Sasak
  • Logogo
  • Nanyangakipi

Supply and installation of Solar Lighting Systems in Schools in Narok County

The schools are:

  • Namukuse
  • Sanaet
  • Sonkoro
  • Olorupa
  • Ongata naado
  • Olchoro Oirowua
  • Aganga
  • Osiga
  • Kiptenden
  • Enturoto
  • Enkutoto
  • Aitong’
  • Endonyo erinka
  • Pulunga
  • Olosiro
  • Olturoto
  • Elangata enterit
  • Olorten
  • Oltiyani
  • Rokonka
  • Purko


Powerlink Generators are ideal for your office, home and industrial use. Hyperteck Electrical Services specializes in the sale, installation and servicing of Powerlink Generators. From 5-2000KVa, we are the preferred company for any consultations on Electric Power Generators in Kenya.

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